DoyenOink Consulting launches a Business Intelligence Dashboard Service

Zoo Media’s Business Consulting arm, DoyenOink Consulting, has launched a Business Intelligence Dashboard service which will provide real time updates of all business functions using an user-friendly advanced tool. 


There are multiple tools available to analyse each function of a business process. It becomes difficult to truly make sense of these processes together as data rests in silo’s and reports that are made on MS-Excel have certain limitations. Following are some of the limitations that exist while using MS-Excel for computing functional details:

  • Interactive reports require extensive and computing heavy framework
  • Limited scope of dynamic filtering to isolate meaningful insights
  • Lack of data refreshment in real-time
  • Limited report sharing and collaboration capacity
  • Lack of dataset flexibility and handling big data
  • Process/system overload for complex and large datasets


To eliminate these limitations, the DOC Business Intelligence Dashboard Service will offer a technology-driven process for analysing data involving a variety of tools, methodologies to present actionable insights for critical decision making.  


The dashboard service will include: 

  • Live and secure connection to data sources on Cloud as well as on- premises
  • Customized data exploration for visualization and output 
  • Faster and secure integration with existing IT systems 
  • Real-time interaction and updates to dashboards and reports
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports


Here’s a roundup of the process used by the dashboard service: 

The expected outcome from this service is demonstrated below: 

DoyenOink Consulting has successfully provided business consulting services to brands such as Revital H Woman, GMM Pfaudler, Asian Paints, Welspun, Green Acres Academy among others.


To read more about DoyenOink Consulting, visit their website by clicking here


Please reach out to [email protected] for further information on the Business Intelligence Dashboard Services.