Making A Viral Emoji And Getting The World To Rakita

If you’ve seen  on Twitter, you must know that this was our Rabbits’ doing. 


Our Title Marketing experts made Jagame Thandhiram the talk of the town and got the world dancing to our marketing beats, quite literally. From receiving massive attention on Twitter to getting organic media coverage, this title marketing was a huge success. Here’s a taste of the authentic Tamil flavors of our title marketing campaign for Jagame Thandhiram:



  • An extreme cosplay from Medha Srivastava channeling her inner ‘Suruli’ (the male protagonist of the film) was published as a pre-trailer asset. Watch as Medha grooves to Rakita here. What a transformation!

Glimpses from Medha Srivastava’s Instagram reel

                                                                     Before                                                                            After


  • The Rabbits thought that a digital movie poster won’t do Superstar Dhanush any justice. So, they created a graffiti movie poster as an epic tribute to an epic star, Dhanush.

A Grafitti Tribute To Dhanush

  • If you haven’t seen the Twitter emoji yet, no worries. It is still trending on Twitter. Check out the the #JagameThandiram custom emoji created by our Rabbits here
  • The Rabbits brought the popular AIB star Tanmay Bhatt, stand-up comedian Aravind SA, and YouTube star Vineeth Kumar under the same roof to review the trailer of the title.

Tammay Bhatt reacts to Jagame Thandiram’s trailer

  • Radio ads were conceptualized and executed to spread the word about the film.
  • The Rabbits got Suruli to take over the Netflix Instagram handle for a day, with an intent to make it feel more like home. Suruli turned the space into a virtual Madurai. Every post on the Netflix India page had some element of Jagame Thandhiram attached to it. 

A meme posted on Netflix’s Instagram account


  • A film release without a cut-out is like Filter Coffee without froth. Despite being a digital release, they took an old-school route by creating a 40 feet tall cut-out of Dhanush for launching Jagame Thandhiram. The team wanted it to be genuine, so they commissioned the artwork from billboard painters in a remote village in Tamil Nadu. Our super talented Rabbits broke time, budget, technology, geography, and language barriers to get this done. 

Jagame Thandiram Promo

  • Our Rabbits produced the Netflix Dictionary reel featuring Abhisek Kumar. To get some information on the famous Rakita song, head over to watch the post here
  • The Rabbits also produced the IGTV video on 5 reasons why you should watch Jagame Thandhiram featuring Abhisek Kumar and Kalaiyarasan Anbu. 
  • The Rabbits onboarded 3 regional influencers to collaborate with Netflix to promote the film in their own style incuding Awesome MachiEruma SaaniAbhisek Kumar and Nirmal Pillai.
  • Additionally, the Rabbits executed the trailer recreation by the famous Nigerian Instagram influencers: Ikorodu Bois on their account. Watch it here now, we promise this will crack you up. 

Glimpses from the video by Ikorodu Bois

  • Ever heard of a Peelograph? You must check out the unique art technique invented by artist Harsh Raman Singh Paul for this launch asset below!

Jagame Thandiram: The Peel-o-Graph Poster

  • Heisting your time today should be a super crossover between Money Heist and Jagame Thandhiram, conceptualized and executed by our Rabbits. Watch it below! 

Money Heist X Jagame Thandiram


The most heartwarming part of this campaign was the fact that the Rabbits could provide employment opportunities for billboard artists. They were genuinely thankful for the opportunity and even sent the team a sweet thank-you video, dancing to Rakita. 



Our Rabbits’ title marketing efforts were acknowledged by multiple reputed publications like Hindustan Times, Pinkvilla, India TodayTimes Now News, and even Tamil publications like Tamil Filmi Beat.