Buck Up on Your Back Up

Objective: To create awareness about the importance of data backup by focussing on Western Digital’s newest product- My Passport HDD 



  • According to an Ericsson report published in 2020, India’s Data Consumption may touch 25 GB per user by 2025 (Source- Bloomberg Quint)
  • Nearly 45 percent of Indians do not back up their data or files, risking data loss. (Source- Hindu BusinessLine)


Idea: With COVID-19 pandemic altered the work landscape in 2020 backing up data while working from the safety of home was a big priority. The brand focussed the entire campaign using different mediums based on the key message of “Backup and Stay Safe“.



The campaign went live on 10th March 2021 which was a build-up to World Backup Day, which falls on 31st March every year. The execution of the campaign was done across platforms using the following:


1. Branded Video Content
The Rabbit Hole (Video Content Solutions Agency of the Zoo Media network) created 3 digital video campaigns focussing on data loss problems and gave solutions to avoid them by taking precautions in advance. The three videos can be viewed here: 

Accidentally Deleting Files

Forgetting To Backup

Virus Attack

The total number of impressions for the video was 24 million. The videos garnered 8.9 million views and 12.4K clicks. 



2. Social Media Marketing
Over the course of the month, 30 content assets depicting various safety and importance of staying and backing up one’s data were disseminated on social media. The effective messaging earned 12.8 million impressions and 30k clicks.

Social Media Creatives

3. Microsite Creation
Noesis.Tech (the technology products and services agency of the Zoo Media network) created a landing page for the campaign for all the campaign videos and content. This page did a great job informing the audience about the reality of not saving data and created urgency for people to start backing up their data. The landing page also asked people to take a pledge on the website that they will take a data backup on or before 31st March 2021. To generate interest among the users,  an interactive quiz was also designed. This website received 751K clicks and a total of 101K people marked themselves “Safe” through the pledge.


4. Media Planning
Once the content assets including the videos and static posts were live and collating consumer insights, the Media Team at FoxyMoron started planning the media strategy. The strategy was for the campaign was a three-pronged process:

  • Trigger: A trigger was created by showcasing the reality of data backup to the target audience where different creatives were showcased to different cohorts. The platforms used during this phase were Programmatic, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Inshorts, Paytunes, IGN, etc. This phase built awareness, thereby attracting viewership across digital media platforms and getting maximum traction.

Snippets from Paytunes, Tutler & Inshorts

Snippets from The Indian Express & IGN 

  • Action: The objective of this was to send traffic to the landing page where the focus was on engagement with the users. The platforms used to amplify this phase were Snapchat, mCanvas, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This phase built intrigue, generated buzz, and drove conversations to establish the brand’s stand on World Backup Day. Image Recognition was also done by targeting ad spots where either the competition or the important keywords were being targeted. It was done on multiple websites based on the target audience. 

Snippets from mCanvas

  • Reward: This phase focussed on rewarding the audience by selecting random people from the ones who pledged to take data backup on the landing page and rewarded them with WD Portfolio products. This phase channelized the first two phases into action. This phase not only shared reasons to buy and drive intent towards the cause but also kept the momentum alive throughout the campaign.


Outcome / Results:

This campaign received the following results:

Total Impressions: 136 million

Video Views: 11.1 million

Total Clicks: 2 million

Total unique people who marked themselves “safe”: 50,000

In addition to this, as compared to the previous year’s campaign, this campaign garnered 200% more impressions and 89% more engagement across platforms.


Agencies of the Zoo Media network that worked on the World Backup Day campaign: FoxyMoron: Creative, Media Planning and Account Management; The Rabbit Hole: Video Production & Noesis.Tech: Website Development.