Netflix Recommendations in Shayari? Challenge Accepted!

The Rabbit Hole team has become adept at creating branded properties for Netflix. Getting the brand recall ratio right while using influencers is risky, as it can come off as cringe or just be a blur. In the branded properties created for Netflix, the property itself precedes the talent association, case in point Behensplaining, Behensplaining Bhavishyavani, Now Memeing and now Mehfil-E-Netflix! 


The primary purpose of Mehfil-E-Netflix was to create awareness about the titles on the service OTT platform, using innovative formats as vehicles to bring this discovery aspect to its audiences. Netflix was keen on creating an Instagram-only recommendation format that connected with the Gen-Z audience. And what better way to connect the young with the old than through ‘Mushaira’, which looks great, sounds great and with the added layer of the Netflix humour, made for another great branded property. 

Watch the full Episode here



For Mehfil-E-Netflix, the Rabbits chose two Gen-Z influencers who would have great chemistry on screen with their banter and also be endearing in their delivery. The team roped in Agasthya Shah, an 18 year old digital creator and Alisha Chopra, a theatre artist for the series. 


Set Design:

The team focused a lot on the lighting of the set and even added a chandelier to add to the vibe of a shayari perfomance in a different era. To add an electro-twist to traditional shayari, the team also fabricated a special harmonium fitted with a DJ console just for the series. 



As the Rabbit Hole team wanted to show the Gen-Z influencers in an unseen avatar, the costumes included LED waistcoats and ghazal‘esque’ salwar suits, making the visuals eye-catching. 



Till date, the 3 episodes released have received positive responses. 2 episodes cover title recommendations in Romance and Horror genres and one episode is particularly dedicated to Punkaj Tripathi’s films. These episodes can be viewed here and here.