CRED’s latest IPL campaign launched yesterday, had Rahul Dravid breaking the internet ‘quite literally with his bat’. The internet went galore with this ‘unbelievable’ side of the cricketer, known for his pristine reputation. It all started with just one 7 word tweet by Virat Kohli


Influencer Amplification Strategy

CRED and Pollen, collaborated to strategise the influencer amplification for this campaign across all digital channels and demographics. 

1. Category of Influencers Engaged

i) A list and young popular cricketers to get maximum engagement;
ii) Select macro influencers to engage non-cricket fans

2. Authentic Messaging

Key measures were taken to ensure the reactions shared by the influencers were organic and authentic. 

3. Platforms Targeted

  • Twitter
  • Instagram



1. Dropping the Bomb with A List Cricketers

As the ad-film was based on the ‘angry man of cricket’, Virat Kohli, who is known by this title, seemed a natural fit. It was also an added bonus that the IPL 2021 was opening with a match between Royal Challengers Bangalore, under his captaincy and Mumbai Indians. With all eyes guaranteed to be on Virat, a tweet from him would ensure maximum organic engagement, with his 41.3 million followers on Twitter.

Within minutes, the tweet started trending on Twitter and a ‘memefest’ was organically sparked.

Soon after, R Ashwin joined in the banter.


2. Tapping into Young Cricket Fans

Washington Sundar and T Natarajan, the star under-19 players coached by Rahul Dravid, were roped in to join the banter. These newbies were not new to the ire of Rahul Dravid (albeit less dramatic).


3. Capturing the Non-Cricket Fans Demographic with Macro-Influencers

Leveraging  Remix, Instagram’s latest feature on Reels, popular influencers Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit, shared their reactions  to Rahul Dravid’s unexpected outburst on their Instagram pages. Measures were taken by the Pollen team to ensure the reactions by the influencers were organic, so as to maximise relatability. Click here and here to watch the videos. 


Media Reactions to the Influencer Amplification

The teams’ collective strategy paid off well as the campaign went viral within a few hours of launching across digital platforms. Both CRED and Rahul Dravid were trending on Twitter India. Memes on the campaign were shared on WhatsApp Groups. Even brands and A list celebrities took to their respective handles to join the social banter. Along with press articles on the innovativeness and vitality of the campaign, the influencer amplification was also noticed by reputed publications such as Yourstory, India Today and Business Insider amongst others. 


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