Noesis.Tech revamped the Mid-Day Website

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the world to an online space. Everything from schooling to meetings turned offline. To get an idea of what is happening around, news readers resorted to digital platforms. As a result of the changes in news consumption patterns, newspaper reading took a backseat. Mid-day, however, wanted to bring back the nostalgia of a newspaper onto the digital front. The brand wanted to combine the legacy of the newspaper in its digital format.



Honouring Mid-Day’s long legacy, yet keeping it fresh and light, was challenging. Noesis.Tech (the technology services and products agency of the Zoo Media network) wanted the brand to speak for itself and wanted to create a brand experience and not just a website. Keeping the above in mind the team developed a unified User Interface (UI) to transform the features on the page to enable flexibility with expandability across the board. They conducted extensive research, which included stakeholder and users surveys. Additionally, the team took help from placement sorting and workshops to identify the placement of content in the overall design.


Noesis.Tech had to find a balance between content and advertisements, as well as create layouts that could be replicated across the website. Additionally, they also had to allow users to create personalized feeds based on their chosen categories and save their favourite articles. 

The audience was the sole focus. As the newspaper was widely read by the Mumbai-centric audiences, Noesis.Tech also wanted to engage with international readers. After conducting user and stakeholder surveys, they were able to narrow down the main personas that would enable them to create a clean and concise layout.  

Building upon the insights, the Noesis.Tech team was able to develop news clusters and ad placements to improve navigation and accessibility. They wanted to draw attention to the news articles, stories and features and exclusive offerings. For that, they avoided using any kind of elements or interactions that would take away from the content.


Noesis.Tech crafted a user experience that allowed users to personalize their feed, save articles, discover search engines and have the ability to interact with various content pieces. They decongested the pages to enable better information hierarchy for optimal content discovery and strategic ad placement. 

The Noesis.Tech team settled on a unified user interface (UI) to empower Mid-day with the flexibility and scalability of the brand without losing its essence.  

The current layout employs a flexible grid that caters to the boxiness of the print version and the responsiveness of a digital version. The mobile-first approach ensured that all the layouts were compatible as well as easy to read and scroll. The optimised images ensured that the page loaded faster and users were able to interact with the content swiftly.


A unified UI and a decongested page enhanced the user experience and improved content discovery of Mid-day’s unique offerings. The approach reduced load time by half to 11.43 seconds,  total visits to the website increased by 18% and the bounce rate decreased by 7%.