FoxyMoron leverages Whatsapp for Business for Kelloggs’ easy and nutritious e-recipe book

Kellogg’s partnered with FoxyMoron (the full-service digital agency of the Zoo Media network) to introduce ‘Amazing Kreations’. 


Every parent is on the quest to find nutritious meals that are quick and tasty as well as budget friendly. Kellogg’s latest e-cookbook ‘Amazing Kreations’ in collaboration with FoxyMoron aims to bridge just this gap. The e-cookbook comprises 15 budget-friendly recipes for children curated by Chef Ranveer Brar in consultation with nutritionist Anuradha Mishra


The recipe book was launched via a Facebook Live session wherein Chef Ranveer Brar spoke about Kellogg’s unwavering focus on nutrition. He further went on to create two recipes with the cereal during the session to fortify the premise of the e-cookbook i.e. easy, tasty and affordable nutrition. 


The Facebook Live Creative 


As parents were the primary target audience, FoxyMoron smartly leveraged WhatsApp as the chief medium of communication. The vast reach of the platform allowed us to seamlessly engage with parents across the country at scale while generating maximum targeted conversations. A link was circulated on WhatsApp through which one could request and download the cookbook on the phone.


The WhatsApp chat to download the ‘Amazing Kreations’ e-recipe book 




As FoxyMoron designed the creative communication canvas, Kellogg’s joined forces with  Mompresso to further amplify the launch of Amazing Kreations. Lastly, chef Ranveer Brar further advocated the campaign by uploading two videos on YouTube wherein one can see him recreate the recipes from the e-cookbook. The campaign was leveraged on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms as well.


One of the recipe videos by Ranveer Brar