Mammoth Media launches 883 to Infinity, a Podcast without Borders

Mammoth Media, the full funnel digital media company of the Zoo Media network launches 883 to infinity, a podcast without borders. 


Suveer Bajaj, the Co-Founder of Zoo Media, has started a new podcast titled, 883 to Infinity. The podcast aims to start a transformative dialogue about the values, interests, culture and heritage we share with our neighbouring country, Pakistan. It is an attempt to bridge the perception gap, not only for the citizens of each respective country but globally too. Suveer hosts the podcast along with Umair Kazi, Founder of Ishtehari, an award winning advertising agency based out of Karachi, Pakistan.


The title ‘883 to Infinity’ refers to the geographical distance between Bombay and Karachi and the infinite positive outcomes that the two admen, who also happen to be Sindhi, hope to achieve through their light hearted and relevant dialogues.


In the first episode of ‘883 to Infinity’ titled ‘Train to Pakistan’, Suveer and Umair chat about their friendship, which takes its roots back a decade and their experiences after visiting India and Pakistan, respectively. Their lives in Karachi and Bombay, which echoes similarity in family values, tastes in food and music amongst many other things. In the upcoming episodes, they chat with entertainers Cyrus Broacha and Junaid Akram on the role content and culture plays in bridging this perception gap. In another episode, they delve into the love story of  a  young Indian and Pakistani couple and find out what goes on during cricket matches and how they pulled off their wedding. The guests on the other episodes range from sportsmen, authors, musicians, policymakers from both sides of the border amongst others.


Listen to the Podcast here.


883 to Infinity Art Project



Unlike countries, art knows no borders. Art is one of the simple and effective forms of expression that connects people no matter which part of the world they may be in. With the 883toInfinity Art Project we want to celebrate having a different point of views through art. Each season, we connect with an artist on either side of the border and give them a common topic. For our first Art Project, we connected with For season 1, we connected with artists, Aakash Dwivedi from India with Shujauddin Allauddin from Pakistan to interpret their version of the first episode- “Train to Pakistan”.



‘The Seat Samjhauta’ by Aakash Dwivedi

Aakash dedicates this illustration to fond memories of his travel with the Indian railways. These journeys were filled with brotherhood, acceptance of diversity support, and a silent understanding of seat accommodation especially when traveling unreserved. He believes it draws a parallel to the ‘samjhauta’ one can only hope for between India and Pakistan.


Aakash Dwivedi 

Aakash is a multidisciplinary Art Director at FoxyMoron, with experience in digital advertising and the music industry. He is skilled in graphic design, motion graphics, advertising, branding, illustration, 3D art & photography direction.



‘The Borderless Heroes’ by Shujauddin Allauddin


Despite the history between India and Pakistan, Shujauddin feels that people in these sister countries have a warm inclination toward each other. He devotes this illustration to those unsung heroes who have built bridges across the border. He sees each train as a whole nation, carrying their rich culture and traditions. He sees the hosts of the 883 to Infinity podcast- Suveer and Umair, as two heroes trying to save the trains from crashing into each other and instead meet each other on friendly grounds.

Shujauddin Allauddin 

Shujauddin is a professional communication designer, illustrator and photographer. He is based out of Karachi. He is an artist by passion and has illustrated a book titled “Karahi Theory.” He has been in the advertising industry for more than 5 years. 


Their talent and different artistic interpretations aim to open a dialogue between the youth of India and Pakistan. The first step in this initiative was to connect artists on either side of the border with an illustration prompt. With their own interpretation and experience coming in, we hope to encourage others to join this exploration of culture, community, and content.