The Rabbit Hole and Pollen (Co-agencies of the Zoo Media network) collaborated with Netflix India to release the new episode of ‘Behensplaining Bhavishyavani’.


The ‘Behehniverse’ was born with the agenda to add the female perspective to movies streaming on Netflix and discuss the socio-cultural impact of cinema with a dash of humour. The first episode of Behensplaining was released on Netflix’s Youtube channel, back in 2018 starring Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit. With the popularity and success of the digital series spanning over 50 episodes and 6 seasons, the universe has expanded to include more Behens to take over different platforms in different formats with higher amps of sass. The formats include:

The ‘Beheniverse’ gathers different female veterans from the industry to comment and dissect the nuances of the selected themes for each episode. Aisha Ahmed and Niharika NM joined the universe with ‘Behensplaining Bhavishyavani’ in the last quarter of 2020.

Hand-drawn tarot cards created for the episode 
Watch the full Episode here

This series exclusive to Instagram, dishes out quirky horoscope predictions that touch upon relatable daily life experiences, along with title recommendations streaming on Netflix (since everyone loves reading horoscopes regardless of whether they believe in astrology or not). The series, now 2 seasons old, kicked off with Aisha Ahmed and added Niharika NM after 6 episodes with a tarot reading. This power pack of Behens are reaching audiences and disrupting a content space that was largely created by and catered to men. The jokes make references to genuine female experiences and normalise the conversation that were otherwise taboo or just plain awkward. 


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